Our Jewels

Silver and Gold Plated Jewellery

Many of our products are real gemstones encased in gold or silver electroplating.
Pendant chains are also either gold or silver plated. The majority of our plated pendants, rings and chains are copper based. Please be aware of this when making a purchase.

925 Sterling Silver Rings and Pendants

We sell a range of 925 Sterling Silver Rings. This information can be found in the relevant product listings.
Our Sterling Silver Rings and Pendants go through an oxidization process when being made so sometimes can appear a darker silver in colour. Please bear this in mind when purchasing. They can be cleaned using a Silver cloth to keep them at their shiny best.

925 Sterling Silver Overlay Rings and Pendants

We also sell a range of 925 Sterling Silver Overlay Jewellery - This means they are coated in a fine layer of 925 Sterling Silver on top of a base metal (usually copper). They are extremely hard wearing and as long as treated right should last a lifetime :)

Real Gemstones

Where stated we use real gemstones in our jewellery. Real gemstones are delicate and do need to be handled with care.
Each gemstone and crystal is unique :)

Aluminium Jewellery

Aluminium is a soft material and can scratch easily. Please note and take care when wearing.